How to Be an Ally Starter Kit

When George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, the world changed — AGAIN. It shifted just like when Tayvon Martin was gunned down by a person who claimed to be protecting his community but was really a non-hero in the making. And then Eric Gardner whispered “I can’t breathe,” because he was being choked to death for absolutely no reason. Because a minor infraction of the law is worth a death sentence.

And when Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, the world shifted slightly, and again when Sandra Bland, went from a traffic stop to a tragic statistic the world shifted again. And the world seemed to collaspe when Breanna Taylor an innocent woman, lying in her own bed was gunned down by police. But then it bounded back to its own institutional racism ways as corporations began to talk about diveristy, equity and inclusion while asking the BIPOC in their offices to do all the work.

Let’s just say we’re tired of doing the work. No longer will I be the spokesperson for blackness if you have a question about what’s going on in black America, with BIPOC around the world then research like everyone else. Like, I had to do. And here, I’ll even give you a headstart because you know that’s what you’re used to. :) Because in my mind you don’t get to speak without receipts.

So here’s your opportunity. If you really want to shift the paradigm in this country then do the work. Start here.


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