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  • Yogita Abrol

    Yogita Abrol

    Design student, hardcore believer of sunshine, travel enthusiast. dreamer, binder, believer, stationery collector!

  • Katie Richmond

    Katie Richmond

    Product developer & current UX Academy student at DesignLab.

  • David Tang

    David Tang

    CEO of Standard Kepler and Kepler Blockchain Lab. Blockchain enthusiast, engineer.

  • Dating Corner

    Dating Corner


  • Alysha Jivani

    Alysha Jivani

    curious ux designer & researcher who loves transforming abstract concepts into tangible user flows and observing how people use and get confused by technology

  • Meenu Sara Mathai

    Meenu Sara Mathai

    Interaction Design student at Delft University of Technology

  • Teresa Candelario

    Teresa Candelario

    Mom; Social networker; Foodie; City Dweller; Bacon lover! https://www.facebook.com/teresa.candelario

  • Fredrik Johansson

    Fredrik Johansson

    Design Lead at Daresay Digital Agency @daresayumea and Product Designer / Co-founder Raft Calendar @joinraft

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